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SC100 Stud Cleaner and pre-torque

surface prep kit

Working with truck tire and wheel assemblies is inherently dangerous. The following procedures address properly mounting wheel and tire assemblies according to standard recommended practices from the Tire Industry Association, TIA, and the Technology and  Maintenance Council, TMC R222C , of the American Trucking Association. This program does not address axle, hub and wheel end maintenance all of which can contribute to unsafe conditions. Tire Toolz SC100 Kit has all the items necessary to quickly and efficiently complete the TIA RIST procedure.

Surface damage, scrapes and nicks.

Elongated stud holes caused by “clocking”.

Worn and distorted wheel holes.

Worn stretched and corroded studs.

Oversized wheel stud holes.

Inspect all components for damage. (Below are some conditions you may find)

Use thread cleaner to remove rust and road tar from studs.

Clean hub mounting surface to remove rust and debris.

Remove surface rust, corrosion and any foreign material.  

Make sure mounting pads are clean and undamaged.

Clean all wheel mating surfaces.

Remove all foreign material from mating surfaces.

Snug and Pre-torque Wheel Nuts

Torque All Wheel Nuts to Manufacturer’s Specifications

Short shank 1”drive impact with torque limiting sockets

WARNING: Wheels, studs,nuts and hubs that are not properly installed, inspected or maintained may not be safe. Failure to follow proper installation or maintenance practices may result in injury or death. Always use proper personal protection devices for safety and to avoid injury.


Training on the RIST procedure, Commercial Tire Service, TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems), and other aspects of tire and wheel mounting procedures and safety are available through the Tire Industry Association. Contact us for more information

Break Back Torque Wrench

475 lb. Ft. Preset  Torque Wrench

Torque Tool Options

Lubricate Hub Pilot studs and nuts with 2 drops 30w oil before tightening

DO NOT Lubricate the hub face, wheel face or brake drum